Farmer/merchant life insurance

No matter how small your business is, you need to have access to financial services. Insure your life and ensure that your family will have an income after you’re gone.  Life insurance is also important to have especially if you want buy land or a commercial property in future, it does play a role when it comes to applying for finance to grow your business.

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Livestock and crop insurance

When disaster strikes, be prepared to start over again. Have an insurance policy to start over after a disaster. Whether it’s draught, foot and mouth disease outbreak, theft, fires, hail storms, heatwaves, make sure that your farm is insured for such disasters. Insure your crops and livestock and be prepared to any disaster.

Small business insurance is very important to a small business owner, without it, when disaster strikes, the business will not survive. Which means loss of jobs and loss of income. Protect your business against certain risks that can take you out of business. Insure against theft, fire, hail among other risks.

If you have any machinery or vehicles in your farming business or small business, ensure that you are protected against risks such as theft, accident, natural disasters among other things.

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