If you need access to land for farming purposes and access to commercial space (packhouse, warehouse, cold storage, store, industrial space), kindly fill in the form below:

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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

It takes about 5 working days to get connected to suitable farming land that meets your needs.

Yes, we manage these properties on behalf of landowners.

Farmers Assistant will not be held liable for any property damage and stolen. However, we advise that our clients insure their properties and improve security where applicable.

It depends on the location, infrastructure, security and size of the farm or space.

Our clients get to be part of our value chain and get better deals when it comes to inputs, technology solutions, professional services, internet services, equipment and training.

As a landowner or farm owner, you will have to be in an agreement with Farmers Assistant in terms of giving Farmers Assistant (Pty) Ltd the right to manage your farming or agricultural property on your behalf and then you pay management fees (depends on the size of the land, suitability, infrastructure, security, location)( usually 15-20 % of rent). Send an email to to lease out your farming land or space or agro-processing plant or space.

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