Farmer Education

Don't farm alone, farm with us

Farmers Assistant is a technology company that aims to connect small-holder farmers with the entire agricultural value chain, from connecting them with landowners, equipment, investors and funding institutions through a web platform. We ensure that they access fertile land to farm on, equipment to rent when they need them and access to finance. We ensure that they have a proper financial identity, local market data, farm risk profile (agribusiness risk profile) and ensure that they have all the relevant and necessary documents to access funding. We find the most suitable and affordable financial products for small-scale farmers and ensure that they use digital agri-tech solutions to grow their businesses. Our vision is to see small-scale farmers accessing finance and also becoming equitable, profitable and viable.

We offer our small-scale farmers 24 hours support via our chatbots. Check out of @Farmers Assistant App on Facebook. We tailor make support chatbots for agriculture industry associations, government agencies, suppliers and agri-finance banks. Our chatbots uses AI and can be translated into numerous African languages.

The company was established in 2018, and has over 4500 users. And have an audience of over 300 000 small-scale farmers from South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali and Nigeria.

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